A new breed in mission control software:
    AEX Advanced Mission Planner


    Optimize Drone Fleet Operations with
    AEXSpace's Advanced Mission Planning Solution

    AEXSpace Aeronautics, a leading company in the field of autonomous drones for surveillance and detection, has developed an advanced mission planning solution to streamline and optimize their drone fleet operations.

    The AEX Advanced Mission Planner serves as a centralized hub for managing and orchestrating the activities of the autonomous drones.

    This powerful tool combines cutting-edge algorithms with user-friendly interfaces, enabling operators to effortlessly plan, customize, and execute complex missions with precision and efficiency.
    Experience the power of precision: AEXMissionPlanner's advanced interface unleashes unprecedented control and customization for autonomous drone missions.
    Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard provides operators with a comprehensive view of drone fleet status, enabling informed decisions and efficient response

    Real-Time Insights and Control

    AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner sets itself apart with its exceptional operation monitoring capabilities, providing real-time insights and control over the entire drone fleet. Operators can visualize the live status of each drone, including location, altitude, speed, and battery levels, all in a comprehensive dashboard.

    This advanced monitoring feature allows operators to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and swiftly respond to any anomalies or emergencies.

    With AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner, users have full situational awareness, ensuring smooth and efficient operations throughout the autonomous drone fleet.

    Ultimate Control:
    AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner's manual takeover capability

    AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner boasts robust manual control takeover capabilities, allowing operators to seamlessly intervene and take control of any drone within the fleet whenever necessary. With just a few clicks, operators can initiate manual control mode and swiftly navigate the drone with precision using an intuitive interface.

    This feature provides a valuable safety net, enabling operators to handle unexpected situations, adapt to dynamic environments, and execute specific actions that require human intervention. Our software ensures a perfect balance between autonomous operations and human control, empowering operators to maintain ultimate flexibility and responsiveness.
    Empowering Operators with seamless manual control:
    Introducing AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner

    Integration with prominent
    security control platforms

    AEXAdvancedMissionPlanner seamlessly integrates with leading third-party security control platforms, bolstering its functionality and compatibility. This enables operators to leverage the advanced features offered by these platforms, such as real-time threat analysis, automated incident response, and centralized command and control
    By integrating with prominent security control platforms, the mission planning solution ensures a comprehensive ecosystem for managing and coordinating drone operations within existing security frameworks.

    This seamless collaboration enhances the overall effectiveness of surveillance and detection missions, enabling operators to maximize the benefits of their autonomous drone fleet.

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