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    Customized Drone Solutions:
    How our In-House expertise drives innovation and Customer Success

    Matching excellence through In-House prototyping

    At AEXSpace Aeronautics, we excel in delivering customized solutions through our in-house expertise in structural engineering and drone prototyping.

    Our advanced facilities and skilled engineers work collaboratively to explore innovative design concepts and rapidly prototype customized configurations. This approach allows us to tailor our drones to the specific requirements of each customer, ensuring their needs are met with precision and efficiency.

    Full control over product capabilities

    By prioritizing internal expertise and resources, we maintain greater control over the drone's structural and aerodynamic properties, ensuring high performance and reliability. Our focus on customization enables us to deliver products that exceed our customers' expectations, providing tailored solutions to address their individual challenges.

    This approach embodies our mindset of being a trusted partner in delivering high-quality, innovative drone technology that is precisely tailored to meet our customers' requirements. Overall, our commitment to in-house driven structural engineering and prototyping is a crucial aspect of our strategy for delivering customized solutions that drive the success of our customers.

    Bespoke optronics solutions that precisely align with the unique requirements of our clients

    Customization is essential in the field of drone optronics to meet specific requirements. At AEXSpace Aeronautics, we prioritize achieving the highest level of customization by collaborating closely with image sensor producers.

    Our experts assess client requirements and precisely customize the sensors used in our optronics systems. Through strong relationships with image sensor producers, we select or develop sensors that align with client needs, ensuring optimal performance and customization.

    We design or adapt components such as lenses, sensors, and image processing algorithms to deliver the best optronics system for our clients. This ensures high-quality data collection or imaging capabilities tailored to their unique needs, leveraging advancements by image sensor producers.


    AI-Driven Computer Vision:
    Redefining the Possibilities of Unmanned Systems

    AEXSpace Aeronautics is at the forefront of the transformative power of AI-powered computer vision, revolutionizing our perception and interaction with the world. Through seamless integration of AI algorithms and advanced computer vision techniques, AEXSpace drives innovation, pushing the capabilities of drones to new heights.

    Our AI-powered computer vision solutions empower drones to perceive and understand their surroundings with remarkable precision and efficiency. From object recognition and tracking to real-time scene analysis, our cutting-edge technology equips our clients with valuable insights, enabling them to accomplish complex missions with enhanced precision and safety.
    AEXSpace Aeronautics leads the way in unmanned missions, harnessing state-of-the-art computing technology to elevate AI computer vision and mission control capabilities. Our drones incorporate cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, empowering them to perceive and analyze the environment in real time. By utilizing advanced onboard computing, our drones possess the ability to make intelligent decisions, encompassing everything from detecting objects to comprehending intricate scenes.

    Our systems also enable seamless mission control, facilitating efficient communication, data transmission, and secure operation. AEXSpace's innovative solutions empower users with exceptional capabilities, ensuring safer and more effective unmanned missions.

    Maximizing Flight Times with Lightweight Airframes and Smart Battery Management

    AEXSpace Aeronautics specializes in developing drones that excel in flight time and payload capacity. Our drones, featuring a diameter of 2.7 meters, are meticulously designed to optimize endurance and enhance payload capabilities.

    This larger size enables improved aerodynamic efficiency and increased lift capacity, resulting in extended flight durations and enhanced payload capabilities. In addition to size, our drones incorporate advanced energy management strategies to maximize efficiency. Smart battery management systems ensure optimal power utilization, while lighter airframes reduce weight and enhance maneuverability.

    To ensure optimal performance in specific operational theaters, our drones are equipped with propellers that have been meticulously designed and adapted for the most extreme environmental conditions they may encounter during missions.

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